C Mask Lenses



TRANSPARENT: The best choice to protect your eyes form wind and dust. It doesn't add any tone color. VLT 88 %

HD LIME: This color has an amazing lights lift in low light condition, it boosts the contrast and it doesn't compromise the depth of field. It has an antireflective coating. VLT 88 %

YELLOW: Highlights orange clay targets and enhances contrast in low light or overcast conditions. VLT 87 %

CLEAR ROSE: Offers incredibly crisp, clear vision by incorporating precise technology that filters out blue light to increase contrast, this lens is the choice for low light conditions. VLT 77 %

ORANGE: Excellent all around lens for orange clay targets. Blocks haze and blue light, and enhances the orange of the target. VLT 56 %

LIGHT BROWN: Light reducing, giving good definition of orange targets. A good all around lens for shooting orange targets on bright glaring days with open background. VLT 47 %

VERMILION: Terrific lens for shooting against green backgrounds. Works well for those with red-green colour deficiency. Highlights orange and dampens green. VLT 47 %

LIGHT PURPLE: Provides excellent contrast of orange targets against green background or sky. It dampens the green and enhances the orange target against trees. VLT 39 %

HYPER ORANGE: If you're looking for an orange boost this is your color. It encreases the orange target light against green and light blue backgrounds. It has an antireflective coating. VLT 33 %

H.I. PINK: Fantastic when shooting orange and black targets. This lens darkens the sky and fades out the green background. We suggest to wear it 5 minutes before to start your training, allowing the eyes to get used to the color. VLT 26 %

DARK PURPLE: A great lens for very bright conditions. Provides contrast of orange targets against a deep blue sky. An excellent lens for glare reduction and snow. VLT 20 %

GRAY: is a neutral, or "true" color that allows the wearer to see all colors as they are. Gray shooting lenses do not enhance the target, but they are good in bright sunlight. VLT 17 %

RED: Inspired by our Vermillion lens we studied a new stunning color (traffic light red) that guarantees max contrast and definition.VLT 16 %

DARK BROWN: Light reducing lens for bright, glaring days with an open background. Great for picking up brown hues when hunting game birds. VLT 16 %