Celtic Guns are happy to announce we're the official UK importer of Rhino chokes.
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your gun with ported choke tubes from Rhino Gun Cases Inc. of Williston, Florida.
Rhino ported choke tubes are the most technologically advanced and patented choke tubes in the world. These tubes are shot worldwide by some of the top shooters.
Our ported choke tubes are available for almost every gun that has a screw-in choke tube system. Should we not have one in stock, we will make them for you upon request. We manufacture a vast line of choke tubes for virtually any shooting task.
What are you waiting for? Improve your shooting today!

We have a wide range of rhino chokes for most guns and in a various range of colours.

The price of each Rhino choke is £75.00 + £5.00 postage
Or can be collected at our store in Bodmin, Cornwall.