The UK's Only Rhino Choke Dealer

About Celtic Guns

We are an independent shotgun, Fiochhi cartridge, Rhino chokes dealer, Castellani and Musto Clothing ranges. We are based in North Cornwall. We offer a range of new and used shotguns. Please feel free to browse our website. For further information please contact us by email or phone.

Keith Spear has been in the shooting world for 40 years. He has gained experience shooting around the world in various competitions with a wide knowledge of guns and cartridges. In 2012 Keith launched his cartridge company retailing Fiochhi Cartridges. Fiocchi are a well respected manufacturer with a good worldwide reputation. They offer a extensive range that's diversified for its consumers including hunters and clay pigeon shooting. Keith's own passion for shooting him to meet and shoot with a wide variety of shooters and has gained a well respected cartridge business.

In 2016 Keith wanted to expand his business into dealing with new and used guns. He can obtain any make and model you require and always has a wide range of guns in stock. As selling your gun can be frustrating and time consuming to find the right buyer, we offer the opportunity to trade in your used gun, therefore not leaving you without one. We can also offer to sell your gun for you, as Keith is a keen shooter he is mixing with clay pigeon shooters every weekend.Please look at for new and used guns.